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CM Group is a professional community of experts who thrive in the investment field and are keen on the idea of wholesome personal development. We provide proven ready made trading solutions which will eventually lead to a meaningful quality change in all life aspects. We strongly believe that financial independence and stability are key to skyrocketing personal effectiveness and happiness.

CM Group is definetely more than just an excellent trading solution. It's a community of like-minded successful people.
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To build a community of successfull people who achieve the desired and valuable results in financial world and beyond.
Our mission
Who are our clients
In search of a time- proven partner company which knows it's bussiness
Care about their social environment and realize the power of inclusivity
People who always seek the effective ways to be successful
What is CM Signals?
Find out how the product works and what benefits it can bring to you
Get a message on your phone with a trading recommendation
Copy the position and place an order in your trading terminal (mind the recommended numeric value of Take Profit, Stop Loss and Volume)
Get up to 50% of profit to your deposit monthly!
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Make up to 8% a week alongside the top banks
Increase of your profit up to 8% a week
Additional 12% a week for your deposit
Receive signals from the world largest banks
Banks dealing data AND world news are there for you
Get on the summit of the Stocks Market
The community of prosperous but nevertheless ambitious people who are crazy about financial markets - it's a dream we have been pursuing since the very beginning. We are totally aware of the beneficial, or rather synergetical, effect being radiated from the CM Group Club members. We know that it positively affects people's lives not in terms of financial success only as far as this effect stretches far beyond the markets. It's about becoming a better version of yourself, translating the positive state of mind, radiating success and inspiring others to live their best lives. It's about sports, self-development, sparking meaningful collaborations... It's about the life itself.
Being a CM Group Club resident means
Take part in CM Group exclusive events (presentations, conferences, projects)
Business, sports, entertainment - all kinds of events in various cities and countries!
Our research experts analyze data and price patterns to identify investment opportunities.
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